Xvape-Vista Mini 2
Xvape-Vista Mini 2

Xvape-Vista Mini 2


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The XVape Vista Mini 2 is a portable, electronic dab rig with water filtration. The ergonomic flared mouthpiece makes long sessions a dream, while being able to easily remove the glass bubbler has clean freaks rejoicing. As always, the bubbler is made from handblown, borosilicate glass for added security.

Small enough to be discreet on your desk, or to take with you on the go thanks to its shock resistant, smell proof case, this lightweight vaporizer is the perfect addition to your dabbing collection. Unlike a lot of other devices which have you waiting forever for heat up time, the Vista Mini 2 reaches its set temperature in only 10 seconds. You get roughly 60 dabs between charges, giving you one more reason to make it your top choice for portability.

Whether you’re new to vaping extracts or consider yourself a connoisseur you’ll be pleased with the function and design of the Vista Mini 2. The solid construction and cutting edge technology blends seamlessly to create the ideal follow-up to the original Vista Mini. The AIO crystal quartz atomizer has been revolutionized with short circuit protection, and is now incredibly easy to remove and replace with just a couple twists. Haptic feedback is here to stay, along with the super handy wireless charging. Of course, if you’re at home the USB charger still does the trick. 

This vaporizer is adaptable to different consistencies of concentrates due to its 4 heat settings. Watch the eye-catching multi-coloured LED lights change based on your preferred temperature. Remarkable flavor and a strong vapor can be attributed to those well chosen pre-set heat settings too.