About Us

Valiant Distributions started operating in 2010 under RGR Canada Inc. Valiant Distributions is a Wholesale/Distribution company that caters to smoke shops and other retailers all across Canada.

When we first opened, we specialized in a wide array of top quality Smoking products and gift items including Water pipes, Vaporizers, Grinders, Shisha, Handmade Glass pipes, Hemp products, Lighters and many other Smoking Accessories. In 2012 we created the Vodka Glass line, which has continued to expand and be a customer favourite to this day. In 2014 we launched our Evolution line which also blew up the market bringing precision cut percs and borosilicate glass into retailers’ stores to change the water pipe industry forever.

Our involvement in the vapor industry quickly allowed us to expand our reach. In 2014 we launched our first e-liquid line: Stampede, which is manufactured in Canada and was very well received by our customers. Then in 2015 we were able to successfully launch various E-Liquid lines through our partnership with E-Liquid Therapeutics in California. ELT uses advanced technology and techniques when creating their e-liquids to ensure superior quality and flavor combined with revolutionary packaging.

--In 2016 we obtained Licensing rights for various studio brands through our new partnership venture with Famous Brandz. Through this journey, we are bringing Hot New Licensed products into the market. We plan on expanding our Licensed Merchandise over the next few years, bringing in more variety and products than any other distributor in the market.

At Valiant Distributions we continue to increase the size of our product catalogue by adding new quality suppliers on a regular basis. RGR is responsible for producing 75% of all merchandise available, cutting out the middle man allowing profits to be given back to the retailer.

We give the utmost importance to Quality; hence we only select the highest quality grade products and partner up with the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers to ensure our customers are satisfied with all products purchased from Valiant Distributions. We have the lowest price Guarantee and we will price match or Beat any of our competitors pricing. We pride ourselves on being Customer Service Experts and will work with our customers to guarantee their satisfaction.

Our site is your one-stop shopping source for all your Hemp/Smoking & Vapor needs.