Vaporizer Pulsar APX V2
Vaporizer Pulsar APX V2
Vaporizer Pulsar APX V2
Vaporizer Pulsar APX V2
Vaporizer Pulsar APX V2

Vaporizer Pulsar APX V2


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Pulsar is at the leading edge of vaporizer technology with over 1000 products. Based in Asheville, NC they have taken community feedback to create the most sought after, highest quality products at the best prices. Their main goal is to #Enjoyhigherculture

APX by Pulsar is easy to use and features a large ceramic heating chamber. It comes equipped with 5 pre-set optimal temperatures ranging from 180C-220C (356F-428F) and is designed with an auto-shutoff of 4 minutes. Run time on the APX is roughly 45 minutes based on temperature. Quickly charge your unit with the included micro USB charging port in 1.5 hours. Includes a one year warranty. Available in a multitude of colours, including Black, Skulls, Psychedelic Spaceman, THC Molecule, and Wood Grain.

To use: It is recommended to turn unit on at maximum heat for a full session before packing for the first time, this burns off any unwanted materials from production. Loosely pack your chamber with herb and click exterior button 5 times rapidly to start heating. Hold button down to change temperature. Drier herbs and discreet sessions are better at a lower heat, and gradually increasing temperature allows you to get the most out of your bowl. The unit will flash while heating and glow solid and provide haptic feedback when it has reached temperature. Let it cool down after auto-shutoff.


Ceramic heating chamber
5 pre-set temperatures
180C-220C range (356F-428F)
Auto-shutoff of 4 minutes
45 minute run time
Micro USB charger
1.5hr charge time
One year warranty
Available in Black, Skulls, Psychedelic Spaceman, THC Molecule & Wood Grain