Storz & Bickel

Storz & Bickel-Vaporizer Crafty Plus Portable


For over 20 years Storz and Bickel has been the leading manufacturer in vaporizers. They are the most trusted and innovative company, bringing you the gold standard in stationary, portable and medical devices. The Crafty+ is the newest addition to their catalogue, making improvements upon the already sought after portable vaporizer The Crafty.  

The Crafty+ is a portable vaporizer that utilizes convection and conduction heating. This brings you the flavor profile you want while expertly heating the ground material evenly and efficiently. Unlike other devices which tend to get clogged or need a constant stirring to maintain air flow the Crafty+ has managed to deliver phenomenal airflow throughout your entire session.  

The cooling unit lessens the heat from the vapor to bring you smooth and tasty flavor. It’s made from PEEK, a quality, food-grade and heat resistant plastic. The Crafty+ has been upgraded to bring you enhanced electronics and circuit board. They also changed the exterior for a more ergonomic grip. 

The Crafty+ can reach the desired temperature in under a minute. This is 30% faster than what the original Crafty was capable of. The device uses single button control, allowing you to turn the unit on and off as well as use the included pre-set temperatures. The super-boost setting is achieved by pressing the power button three times to get to the maximum heat of 210C/410F. The Crafty+ has a remote control app for your phone which lets you customize your session with new temperatures and extend the auto-off function. It also lets you turn on unit and heat up to set temperature remotely.  The app comes with a locate your device feature, so you can track it down if you’ve misplaced it.  

Bringing you the quality vapor you’re accustomed to with Storz & Bickel products and a sleek, portable design the Crafty+ is the ultimate in high end vaporizers. 

1 pc. CRAFTY+ Vaporizer 
1 pc. USB Cable 
3 pcs. Base Seal Ring, small 
3 pcs. Normal Screen, small 
3 pcs. Coarse Screen, small 
2 pcs. Drip Pad, small 
1 pc. Dosing Capsule 
1 pc. Cleaning Brush 
1 pc. Instruction for Use (concise) 
1 pc. Safety Instructions