Vapeston Maganus DVC Coil-Pack of 5


The Maganus tank by Vapeston uses specially engineered Dual Vertical Coils (DVC). Wicked with organic cotton so you know you're going to get the best flavour and huge clouds! The coils are fairly large compared to most others currently on the market. DVC atomizers outperform every other pre-built coil that's ever hit the vape scene!

These coils are silver plated at the connection point for the best conductivity and a lower voltage drop! The wicking system to the Vapeston DVC coils seems just right for the amount of juice needed to keep the coils saturated when vaping at high power like these coils were designed for. They are rated for 20-150 watts of power which makes it the perfect choice for people with devices that are capable of 50+ watts and sub ohm vapers who don't want to use a dripper all day and would prefer a tank, if only it tasted as good and performed just as well... Well the Vapeston Maganus DOES, and these are the replacement atomizer coils for it.