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Sutra DBR Portable E-Nail
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Sutra DBR Portable E-Nail


The Sutra DBR Portable E-Nail enables convenience, power, precision and incredible flavor. This compact e-nail is smaller than many competing products making it easier and more convenient to use with out forfeiting desirable features, such as temperature control and range.

You can monitor various aspect of your temperature setting using the OLED display on the front facing side of the device; such as, desired temperature, real time temperature, heating time, number of heating cycles and battery life.

For additional smoothness, this device comes with a glass water filtration system. At the end of each draw, the bubbler can easily be cleared of all smoke by lifting the magnetic carb cap with the steel dabbing tool. Clearing the chamber will ensure that the next hit will be as fresh as the first.

One of the biggest and best features about this e-nail is the replaceable 18650 battery that is included in the box. This feature provides the user with the option to recharge the battery within the unit, or to completely switch out for a pre-charge battery. This allows the device to literally be ready when you are.

This device is designed to be used with wax, oils and butters.


  • Ceramic Heating Base
  • Fast 30 Second Warm Up
  • Max Temperature of 800F
  • Precision Temperature Control
  • 18650 Rechargeable Battery Included
  • Magnetic Base for Spill Prevention


  • Turn the device on or off by clicking the control button five times
  • Use the up (+) and down (-) buttons to select desired temperature then click the control button three times to start heating.
  • Once the device is heated, the indicator light will turn from red to green.
  • Now that the nail is ready, use the dabbing tool to place oil, wax or butter in the dish.
  • Use the carb cap to reduce air flow and draw your hit through the glass bubbler.
  • Turn off device after each session.

Pro Tips – Regular maintenance and cleaning of the coils will help extend the life of your battery, improve warm up times and ensure great flavor. Try using Purple Power 710 Oil Solution for best results.