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Rolling Papers Irie


Irie rolling papers are made from a 100% natural hemp blend. They launched in Ethiopia, moved to Jamaica and are known for providing an extra smooth smoking experience. Irie papers are made without harsh chemicals and toxins sometimes found in other papers and are ideal for people who want to feel irie. These papers are interleaved for easy removal from the pack and are creased for your rolling pleasure. Irie’s hemp papers are a medium weight, which makes them perfect for beginners learning to roll and for connoisseurs who know what good paper feels like. Irie includes 64 papers in their 1 ¼ size packs, making them the quintessential pack for sharing with friends (most paper companies only contain 50!). They definitely live up to their slogan of Stuff Me, Roll Me, Smoke Me. There are 24 packs of Irie papers in a box.