Rescue Detox

Detox ICE Capsules


The Rescue Detox ICE Capsules is made for those who do not like to consume cleansing beverages. It is also one of the strongest temporary detox products by Rescue Detox. They contain no artificial ingredients and are loaded will super fruits to help neutralize harmful toxins.

How to use - Take four capsules with a 16oz of water, then wait 15 minutes before taking the next four capsules with another 16oz of water. Repeat process until you have finished all the capsules. Note: it will take approximately 90 minutes for this product to take effect. Cleansing will last for approximately 5 hours.

Kit Includes:

  • ICE CAPS = 12 Capsules

Pro Tips - for best results, do not consume toxins during the use of this product, drink plenty of water, urinate frequently and take on an empty stomach.

Important Note - Rescue Detox ICE Capsules are designed for people over 200lbs or who have extreme toxin levels.

This product has been assessed by Health Canada and is deemed to be safe, effective and high quality.

NPN 80043249

Made in the USA