Stinger Female 90 Degree Dabbing Straw


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Convert your glass-on-glass bong into a dab rig with the Dopezilla Stinger Female Dabbing Straw. This cool device is made of handblown borosilicate glass that's known for its durability. It features a 14 mm female joint that connects to any 14 mm male-jointed glass bong.

Simply heat the tip of The Stinger until a red ring appears, then dip the tip in your extracts and inhale. The Stinger conserves your concentrates and regulates the amount you're using.

You'll enjoy taking smooth, cool hits with this female-jointed dabbing straw that has a 90-degree angle. You don't need any dab tools or a carb cap with The Stinger that's super easy to use. The clear glass Stinger is decorated with a Dopezilla logo to remind you it's a quality piece.