Colibri Premium Butane 300ml
300ml butane

Colibri Premium Butane 300ml


Colibri Premium Butane goes above and beyond regular market quality. Colibri is designed to exact the standards required by high performance jet-flame lighters, a technology introduced by Colibri over 35 years ago.

Colibri is produced in world-class refineries and canned in sterile environment, resulting in a butane that is clean an pure. You won't have to worry about this butane clogging your lighters or torches, effecting their performance or altering the flavor of a premium cigar and/or tobacco.

Colibri is recommended for all refillable butane lighters and torches.

  • One of the Cleanest Butane Available
  • 9994% purity level
  • Will not affect the flavor of cigar or other tobacco products
  • Five additional nozzle adapters included
  • Reduces clogging and misfiring
  • 300ml / 10.1fl. oz. / 162g
Two-year manufacturer warranty