Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer


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380mAh Battery Capacity
QDC Technology
10-Second Pre-Heat Function
Pre-set Temperature Profiles
Fast USB Charging
Inclusive Dab Tool

The Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer is a discreet and stylish pen that’s perfect for portability. Utilizing a quality battery, a simple interface, optimal pre-set temperatures and a rapid charger make this extract vaporizer an ideal choice.

The Armor has a 380mAh battery so you can have long lasting sessions between charges. It charges quickly and lasts longer than other vaporizers of similar size. The USB cable is fast-charging and allows the battery to charge completely in 30 minutes. The USB cable enables you to charge your device on the go or at home. It can obtain power in 30 seconds by plugging it into a wall outlet.

Yocan Armor is easy to use for beginners and connoisseurs alike. It has single button operation so all functions can be performed using only one button. This includes powering the device on and off, changing temperature, activating pre-heat mode, and activating the heating element.

The vaporizer uses dual quartz coil technology, quartz is an ideal material to use because it heats up quickly. This, combined with the custom heat settings offer the best balance between big hits and quality flavor. The coils and coil cap use a threaded connection, this makes them easy to replace. It also makes loading so simple it can be done on the go.

The Yocan Armor allows you to customize your session. There are 3 pre-set temperatures chosen to be ideal for concentrates which include low – 3.0V, medium – 3.5V and high – 4.0V. This provides consistent flavor and dense clouds. Material can be pre-heated so you can continuously dab for 10 seconds, or the coils can be heated before adding extracts. The heat settings can also be used to help clean the device. If coils have built up resin, use the 10 second preheat function and watch the caked-on material dissipate.

What’s in the box:
1x Armor Pen
1x Extra QDC coil
1x Pick Tool
1x USB Cable
1x Instructions Manual

Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer
Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer
Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer
Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer
Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer
Yocan Armor Concentrate Vaporizer

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