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Vaporizer Concentrate Wulf SLK


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The Wulf SLK Concentrate Vape Pen is powerful and inconspicuous. The battery is a female 510 thread which makes it compatible with many other preloaded tanks and cartridges on the market today. Perfect for vaping on the go and can be charged with your laptop or other USB electronic devices

Special Features:

  • Small and discreet
  • Rechargeable
  • Battery is Compatible with other preloaded tanks and cartridges
  • 3 heat options (2.8 V, 3.4 V and 4 V)
  • Smaller than a pen


  1. Remove the mouthpiece and attached cylinder
  2. Load the chamber
  3. Replace mouthpiece and cylinder
  4. Turn device on by pressing power button 5 times
  5. Select your temperature setting by clicking the button 3 times to adjust
  6. Activate and hold fire button to vape
  7. Enjoy!

Product Includes:

1 x Battery
1 x Coil
1 x Mouthpiece
1 x 510 Thread USB Charger
1 x Dab Tool


Pro Tip Give the Wulf SLK a full charge before your first use to maximize your experience

Warranty Information: No warranty

Vaporizer concentrate Wulf SLK Vape Pen Kit
Vaporizer concentrate Wulf SLK Vape Pen Kit

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