CR Joint Tube-Matte Grey-78mm


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Pop top
Smell proof

Pop your pre-rolls inside this tube and get ready to go. Ideal to prepare you for your next adventure. Whether you’re off to your friends place for a sweet session or retreating to the cottage, this tube is a great compact companion.

This 78mm/3” tube allows you to perfectly pack 1 ¼ joints inside. The pop top makes sure you don’t lose the lid while you’re packing or unpacking your pre-rolls. The container is smell proof to protect against skunky smells, super handy if you’re packing your half smoked session. The airtight seal keeps your stash inside fresh so it doesn’t dry out and get super harsh.

Keep what you packed under wraps. These matte grey tubes are opaque and perfectly hide what’s inside.

CR Joint Tube-Matte Grey-78mm
CR Joint Tube-Matte Grey-78mm
CR Joint Tube-Matte Grey-78mm